Armadillo rugs at ANOTHER COUNTRY
ACo_Atlas Limestone 6

Armadillo rugs are crafted by hand for an enduring beauty and impeccable quality that promises to age gracefully over time. Each intricate knot and weave is a gesture in patience, honouring the raw integrity of natural materials and a sustainable tradition of time-worn processes.

This painstaking craftsmanship results in an authentic rug with the rigor to accompany you through the moments that matter, from one generation to the next. To read more about how the rugs are made, see here.

Founded in 2009, Armadillo is a truly sustainable company – for the good of the world we live in and all who journey with us. Armadillo rugs are made with natural materials and energy-efficient processes, designed to counteract today’s throwaway culture and stand the test of time. This is why Another Country is proud to stock Armadillo as its exclusive natural rug partner.

In 2021, Armadillo became the first Australian rug brand to become a Certified B Corporation™️, joining a global movement of business as a force for good. B Corps are internationally recognised as meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.