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Gina Soden Photography Exhibition

9 November—24 December 2016


Rise Art in partnership with Another Country would like to invite you to an exhibition of magnificent interiors by the photographer Gina Soden.

Gina Soden regularly travels deep into Europe to photograph abandoned buildings. She has become one of our most exquisite observers of decay. Her subjects are derelict asylums, schools, huge castles, hotels, abandoned churches, dusty power stations. She rarely has permission to shoot. So each photograph is also the story of her tenacity in getting in, and getting the picture.

The results


Soden achieves are striking. She transforms crumbling architecture into painterly photographs which capture the beauty of decay and the slow passage of time. There's a deep sense of nostalgia. These spaces were once grand, or important, or full of people, and now stand for an old Europe.



In partnership with:

  • Another Country