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Acorn Vase


The Acorn Vase is an elegant vessel designed to encourage the germination of an acorn into a young oakling.
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Acorn Vase

Size: 10 x 10cm

Borosilicate Glass

The Acorn Vase is a small elegant vessel designed to encourage and allow the observation of the germination of an acorn.

The clear glass allows one to observe the acorn as it matures into a little oakling, bringing the miracle of nature into the home or office.

The vessel strikes the perfect balance of design and nature. The refined composition of the classical aryballos shaped vase is made of clear borosilicate glass. The spherical body and narrow neck design perform the function of holding the acorn in place as it rests above the water, whilst the twisting roots grow and spread decoratively in the bowl below and the oak’s iconic leaves begin to sprout above.

Over time the acorn grows into an oakling, a young oak tree. The oakling can thrive for up to one year in the vase, receiving essential nutrients from the acorn. Once matured, the oakling can be planted outside for future generations and the vase used once again for a new acorn.

The Acorn Vase was conceived with a spirit of optimism, looking to the power and beauty of nature, regeneration, new beginnings as well as the symbolic qualities of strength. perseverance and longevity associated with the oak. It is the ideal product to give as a gift for the home or office – perfect for anyone interested in gardening, for tree lovers, inquisitive children, design enthusiasts, urban dwellers and all us who find ourselves moving away from the notion of consumerist values and searching instead for value in knowledge, craftsmanship and a relationship to the natural world.

Designed by Ilex Studio.

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