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Botany Bay Candle by Haeckels


Citrus noted candles that awaken the sensory memory of rain against chalk cliffs and coastal flora.

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Botany Bay Candle by Haeckles

  • 270ml / Burn Time Approx 40 Hours
  • Picked on 1st August 2014 / Cloudy Day
  • All products are tested on humans, not animals!
  • Haeckels skin care products and candles are born from nature. Natural ingredients, picked for their health benefits, are harvested from local beaches in Margate, Kent by special license. Vitamin and mineral rich vegetation like mud and anti-bacterial seaweed are a regular feature in their products, helping rebuild skin.
  • Haeckels products are packed in eco-friendly packaging made of Mycelium (fungi) that is intertwined with waste such as sawdust, flax and hemp husks to create a lightweight yet fire and impact resistant packaging. This can be reused, composted or planted in your garden to improve soil quality.
  • The seed paper is made from recycled paper pulp mixed with wild flower seeds. Connecting you with the natural world, this packaging can return to its original form. Place the paper over compost, give it some water and place somewhere light and warm. Seedlings can then be moved into the garden.

The Botany Bay candle rises from and reflects the ocean, its beaches and natural flora. Floral and citrus scented candles that awaken sensory memories.

Botany Bay is a picturesque bay, an area of natural outstanding beauty. Outside of the busy summer season, its true elegance comes through. Wildlife emerges into centre stage, taking residence in the chalk reef, chalk cliffs and cliff hedgerows.

This light citrus scented candle brings to our senses the moments of rain. As it hits the chalk, a fresh and clear fragrance comes off the rock, bringing out the freshness of cliff grasses, annual seablite and sea orache.

These external environmental imprints give us the sensory and scent experience that candles are so good at. Scents can bring us back to a moment in time, a feeling, or an experience.

These scents are literally picked from the earth, thanks to Haeckels license to harvest ocean vegetables direct from a cretaceous chalk reef to make their Natural Home products.

These are the scents you will find with Botany Bay citrus candles:

  • Top: light, elegant citrus candle
  • Heart: fresh ozone
  • Base: subtle green green floral

Made in Margate, UK by Haeckels

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