Niwaki Gyuto Knife by Masahi SLD


Beautiful and sophisticated kitchen knife from a young blacksmith in Sanjo City, Niigata.
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Masahi Gyuto Knife by Niwaki


  • Hand Forged SLD Steel
  • Charred Chestnut
  • Resin
  • Blade Length: 180mm
  • Total Length: 320mm

Handle Japanese knives carefully – the steel is brittle.

  • Hand wash
  • Avoid soaking – especially the traditional style knives, as it expands the wooden handles
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Store individually
  • Wipe over with Camellia Oil if not using regularly
  • Sharpen every two weeks or so of regular use
  • Use the Niwaki Combination Stone for everyday sharpening

The Gyuto Knife by Masahi is an extraordinarily beautiful and sophisticated kitchen knife from a young blacksmith in Sanjo City, Niigata. Masashi’s knives are light, beautifully balanced, and a joy to use. Gyuto is the classic chef’s knife, although Masashi makes his a tad deeper than some, more like a Santoku.

This knife has a polished SLD steel blade, a charred chestnut handle, and a resin ferrule. SLD steel from Hitachi benefits from a high carbon content that holds its edge well, is tough, easy to sharpen and maintain, and with a 12% chromium content is very nearly stainless. It’s laminated to an outer cladding of SUS stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish.

Made in Japan by Niwaki

Niwaki, which means ‘garden tree’ in Japanese, is a UK based company which produces some of the finest Japanese secateurs, snips and other tools for the home and garden. Niwaki was founded in 1997 by Jake Hobson after taking a trip to Japan to celebrate the cherry blossom season, Hanami Festival.

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