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Niwaki Combination Sharpening Stone


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Combination Sharpening Stone by Niwaki

  • Solid Stone
  • Length: 185mm / 7 1/4″
  • Width: 65mm / 2 9/6″
  • Height: 30mm / 1 3/16″

Niwaki means ‘garden tree’ in Japanese.

“Doesn’t matter how good your knives are – if they’re blunt, they’re blunt”

The Combination Sharpening Stone is a great all-round Japanese whetstone for kitchen knives, chisels, planes etc. Somewhere around #1000 and #2000 is the perfect grade for regular kitchen knife sharpening so use the #1000 (red ochre) for general use, and finish off with the #3000 (yellowish brown). Then soak for five minutes before use and splash with water during use to keep wet. Place upon a towel so the stone doesn’t move about.

Made in Japan by Niwaki

Niwaki is a UK based company which produces some of the finest Japanese secateurs, snips and other tools for the home and garden. Niwaki was founded in 1997 by Jake Hobson after taking a trip to Japan to celebrate the cherry blossom season, Hanami Festival.

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