Reculver Candle by Haeckels


Like a breath of fresh air, this all natural scented sea candle gathers wild botanicals, berries and sea spray into a long burning candle.  A place to heal.
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Reculver GPS 12’O”E Candle by Haeckles

  • 270ml / Burn Time Approx 40 Hours
  • Picked on 23rd July 2014 / Sunny Day
  • How to use your candle: The first time that you burn your candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours, or until the whole top is liquid with wax. This allows for an even burn the next time it is used.
  • Haeckels skin care products and candles are born from nature. Natural ingredients, picked for their health benefits, are harvested from local beaches in Margate, Kent by special license. Vitamin and mineral rich vegetation like mud and anti-bacterial seaweed are a regular feature in their products, helping rebuild skin.
  • Haeckels products are packed in eco-friendly packaging made of Mycelium (fungi) that is intertwined with waste such as sawdust, flax and hemp husks to create a lightweight yet fire and impact resistant packaging. This can be reused, composted or planted in your garden to improve soil quality.
  • The seed paper is made from recycled paper pulp mixed with wild flower seeds. Connecting you with the natural world, this packaging can return to its original form. Place the paper over compost, give it some water and place somewhere light and warm. Seedlings can then be moved into the garden.

This fresh botanical candle blows the wind back into your sails.

The raw botanicals harvested to make this candle where picked as salty sea spray and waves smashed into the Reculver sea defenses below a ruined abbey and wild, overgrown fields, having been left to grow new treasures for foragers. Haeckels make these all natural candles from their clifftop studio in Margate, Kent.

They’ve captured the smell of salt water that has sprayed up onto grass, berries, flowers, wild parsley and sea lavender, creating a uniquely fresh fragrance.

Between these notes in this fresh sea candle, sits a place for healing; the environment, the ocean and you. Cherish the moment.

From harvesting the ingredients through to arriving at your door, this sea and botanical candle is all natural, right down to the mushroom based packaging that will one day return to the earth.

Scent experience:

Top: fruity, green and delicate
Heart: light, floral with slight incense
Base: sweet and warm

Made in UK by Haeckels

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