Tors Roll – Harris Tweed Field Rug


A practical field rug made to be used in all seasons, classic, elegant and hardy, made from all Natural Fibre materials. On the upper side, a traditionally hand woven wool tweed from the Scottish Isle of Harris. Stitched with cotton thread to the underside is a heritage wax cotton base providing a barrier to wet grass and dew. Comes with oak bark tanned leather straps hand made in Devon.
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Out of Stock

Tors Roll – Harris Tweed Field Rug

  • Size: 1.00m x 1.46m
  • Harris Tweed, upper side
  • Organic Wax Cotton, base
  • Devon Oak Bark leather straps
  • Durable, made to last

The Tors Roll is part of the Moorswood Field Rug collection. Designed for the Moors and wooded valleys of lowland Dartmoor but they can of course be used in many situations whilst out and about, or even just for a picnic in the garden.

The rug is made up of different layers and elements thoughtfully chosen with care and attention to detail. The top blanket layer is a traditional 100% Herdwick wool tweed from the Isle of Harris. Wool tweed provides both warmth in winter and coolness in summer, it’s hardiness, natural wear resistance and antibacterial properties make it perfect for the British shores.

The base layer for the roll is an organic water resistant heritage wax cotton that provides a barrier to wet grass, rain, and dew.  Harris Tweed is naturally resistant to moisture and dirt making it the perfect Field Rug fabric.

Made to be used, loved and taken on adventures, the Tors Roll won’t last forever but it will last a long time. After years of good service, with regular water re-proofing of the wax cotton, and perhaps the odd repair, these natural fibre materials can be recycled or returned to the earth from where they came.

Made in the UK

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