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Two Thick Beeswax Candles


Hand-dipped beeswax candles from an apiary in Cumbria. Healthy to burn indoors and with an incredible scent.
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Thick Beeswax Candles – set of Two

  • Giant Stubby (ex wick): 205mm 
  • Stumpie Length (ex wick): 100mm
  • Base Diameter: 45mm

Our choice of hand-dipped Beeswax Candles come from an apiary in Cumbria, and their scent is incredible, even before you’ve lit them, and much healthier to burn in your home than the standard paraffin candle which are highly toxic and thus bad for your health.

Although initially more expensive to purchase, beeswax will prove a better investment in the long run. Beeswax flame burns hotter and brighter with a lovely golden halo, but, the wax also burns much more slowly and, therefore, lasts longer than other types of candles.

Over time, beeswax produces a natural tannin that coats the surface with a whitish film called “bloom.” This can be dissolved by gently passing a blow-dryer over the surface, or rubbing the surface with your finger. Apply the natural residue on your finger underneath your eyes or on your hands as a healthy skin moisturiser!

Handmade in Cumbria, UK

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Weight 1.4 kg

Giant Stubby, Stumpie