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Products in motion


Dining Table One has a simple system for attaching the legs. Just align and turn.

Bench One uses the same leg system. Lift the bench to its feet; avoid tilting on the legs for longevity.

Side Table Two, made from ask and walnut, is a sturdy table with a satisfyingly solid structure.

A slatted wooden base on the Day Bed Two floats atop graceful brass legs and a mattress, encased in linen, is temptingly soft.

Tidy up your desk space with the simple, angular lines of the Another Desktop Series Two.

The Clothes Horse by Jonah Takagi contains all that you need for a bedroom wardrobe; somewhere to store jewellery, clothes and shoes.

We thought long and hard when naming this bucket. Another Bucket is useful for firewood, children's toys, or newspapers and magazines.

Retaining the attractive proportions of our popular Stool One, Side Table One makes for a perfect sofa companion or cafe side table.

This three-legged Stool One is our take on a familiar seating archetype. Its simple, hardworking form has informed the style and manufacture of our entire first collection of furniture: Series One.