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Ernest Wright Desk Scissors

£40.83 GBP

Ernest Wright Desk Scissors

£40.83 GBP

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Professional quality hand-made double-bow 8 inch desk scissors with white handles from Ernest Wright & Sons. 

Ernest Wright and Son Limited is a family company hand-making finest scissors and shears in Sheffield, England since 1902. Our highest quality, life-time guarantee scissors and shears are still hand made in Sheffield using traditional skills passed down from generation to generation.

Scissors are an often over-looked, yet ubiquitous and much needed tool. Their function is simple yet unique; nothing replaces a good pair of scissors for those jobs that, well, only a pair of scissors can do. Any well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, office or workshop will hold a pair somewhere in a drawer or cupboard, yet they often don’t spring to mind until their use is required. When they are required of course, it’s good to know they will do their job efficiently, elegantly and simply, leaving you to forget about them until the next time you need them again. However, their simplicity in use belies the complex processes involved in their manufacture. 

To begin with, Ernest Wright and Son use only the finest stainless steel or carbon steel hot-forged  ‘blanks’ for the manufacture of our individually hand-made products.


Materials and Dimensions


  • Length: 200mm / 7 7/8


Each ‘half’ of a pair of Ernest Wright and Son Limited scissors is hardened and tempered in hand-operated furnaces, and quenched in oil. The blade will attain a hardness akin to a car suspension spring, whilst the handles or ‘bows’ are left slightly more malleable for adjustment in final assembly.

Each individual blade is then hand-ground on a traditional saddle-mounted grinding wheel. These wheels have been used in blade production since steel was invented, the only difference being a slightly more modern power source than the water-driven wheels of yesteryear.

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Care instructions

Should be stored dry.



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Naturally we like to see our customers happy with their order, but should you need to return your order, you can do so up to 7 days after the day of delivery.

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