Series - Another Country

Contemporary Craft Furniture Series

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Series One

Hard-wearing and archetypal.

This first collection from Another Country was as clear and simple an interpretation of our original intention in furniture manufacturing as we could manage.

We took familiar forms of craft furniture and pared them back to their most basic elements, using the most efficient workshop techniques and the best quality wood.

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Series Two

Inspired by Belgian interior architecture.

The second collection from Another Country remains true to the design values we introduced with our first series of solid wood furniture.

Like Series One’s, Series Two pieces are functional, timeless and versatile designs, however their form and material palette makes them is very different.

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Series Three

Endlessly utilitarian and adaptable.

For our third series we sought to create the perfect marriage of traditional craft construction and contemporary form.

The resulting collection of beautiful beech furniture is our most functional yet.

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Series Four

Strong, architectural forms.

Series Four stems from their study of traditional English kitchen table design and 20th Century modernism. The strong, architectural form of the new collection combines cleated end tops, Rietveld-inspired leg frames and a stackable stool design, to add a new aesthetic language to the brand’s portfolio.

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