First Light | Another Country

Pared-down honesty.


Our first lighting collection, First Light, is designed by Canadian designer Dana Cannam. Available as a pendant, table and floor lamp, all three lighting fixtures are available in three colours – black, natural and terracotta – and have been handcrafted using brass and ceramics.

“My inspiration came from mid-20th-century hand tools, specifically an old speed handle I have in the studio,” Cannam told Dezeen.

“I’ve always been obsessed with the clean and minimal aesthetic, steel and wood construction, and above all, how it demands a certain engagement from the user. This tool was very much the precursor to the timeless yet understated outcome of each design,” he added.

The Netherlands-based designer’s decision to use brass and ceramic was driven by a respect for Another Country’s existing style.

“I’ve always appreciated Another Country’s use of warm materials; it speaks to their aesthetic which is pared-down and really brings a sense of honesty to each product,” he said “Brass and ceramic were the perfect balance between beauty and functionality for a project involving lighting; it seemed like a natural decision.”