Series Two - Another Country

Inspired by Belgian interior architecture.


The second collection from Another Country remains true to the design values we introduced with our first series of solid wood furniture.

Like Series One’s, Series Two pieces are functional, timeless and versatile designs, however their form and material palette makes them is very different.

The clean-cut, angular forms of Series Two were inspired by the no-nonsense style of Japanese and Scandinavian furniture, and the pale woods favoured in contemporary Belgian craft production.

Using only the best quality, solid wood, for this collection we’ve employed a winning combination of ash and walnut. Brass is an additional accent, bringing decoration as well as structural support to the designs. A construction method (of our own invention) means most pieces in the collection can be flat-packed and are therefore efficient to transport.

Ash has been used for many years in wood craft. In fact in the Middle Ages the wood was so popular for spear making that the word ‘ash’ was used to refer to both the wood and the weapon. Ash is the fourth commonest tree species in Britain and is strong for its weight but very elastic. As a common craft wood, ash is known for being versatile and has been used to make a number of practical objects.