One St Paul's Churchyard - Another Country


One St Paul’s Churchyard

Whilst walking along St Paul’s Churchyard you will spy our 3m x 3m London map installed at One St Paul’s Churchyard. Sheppard Robson Architects invited us to participate in a competition for an art installation in the reception area of One St Paul’s Churchyard. We were most pleased to have been selected. The design remains centred upon Christopher Wren’s plan of London after the fire of 1666. The artwork provides a visual link between St Paul’s Cathedral – which the building faces – and the interior of One St Paul’s Churchyard. Wren’s Plan makes up the centre of the panel and can be identified through the use of solid brass. Within the brass, there is a cross signifying the location for St Paul’s Cathedral. The brass helps to both differentiate it from the rest of the panel and ties it in with the material that is being used elsewhere in the space. The remainder of the artwork is made of limed oak and is based on a representative modern-day street map of London.

Products used: custom oak and brass map