Series One - Another Country

Hard-wearing and archetypal.


This first collection from Another Country was as clear and simple an interpretation of our original intention in furniture manufacturing as we could manage.

We took familiar forms of craft furniture and pared them back to their most basic elements, using the most efficient workshop techniques and the best quality wood.

We are concerned with efficiency, both yours and ours. Each piece of furniture in Series One is made in a way that limits wasted material and time (our leg systems are universal), that is easy to transport (flat-pack for large pieces) and versatile (meaning your furniture gets more than one job done).

Our Series One products have become something of archetypes themselves. They are the collection that we’ve become most associated with and that we continue to add to and evolve.

We use oak wood in our Series One collection, a very durable material, able to withstand hard wear and tear from whatever you put it through. It is a sturdy and hard-wearing hardwood, perfect for furniture. The natural grain of the wood is enhanced with a wax polish to protect and complete your Series One furniture.