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Workstead lighting, introduced to the UK exclusively by Another Country.

Brooklyn-based design team Workstead design responsible works that create a sense of place for both the objects they contain and the people that experience them. Their palette is strong and rich, yet simple and efficient.

“The joints, originally intended for industrial workbench lighting in the 20th century, are now used to create a composition that is more modern in its form,” Robert Highsmith, Workstead.

Another Country is pleased to represent Workstead exclusively in the UK and Ireland as well as the EU and Russia. We also despatch Workstead lighting to anywhere in the world (excluding USA, Canada and Asia).

The original Workstead Industrial lighting range celebrates America’s industrial heritage with a highly considered and wide range of wall, ceiling and floor fixtures in either cast brass or black powder coated brass and iron. The pendant ceiling fixtures fuse the concept of the chandelier with a keen understanding of function and flexibility. It utilises re-purposed O.C. White industrial joints, vintage Hubbell sockets, and new-cut steel. The arms can be articulated in multiple axes; the joints allow for 360 degrees of rotation. Sockets placed at the end of each arm have a turn-key function, allowing for 1–3 bulbs to be illuminated at any given time. The fixture is both articulate and elemental. Its goal is to gracefully exhibit the physical properties of light.

The Orbit Collection consists of a range of table, ceiling and wall lamps featuring one or two spun brass discs which orbit like planets around a stationary glowing bulb, allowing light to be reflected and obscured in infinite combinations. Three varieties of stone, including Carrara, Green Marble and Travertine are available as bases for the table lamps.


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