Series Three - Another Country

Endlessly utilitarian and adaptable.


For our third series we sought to create the perfect marriage of traditional craft construction and contemporary form.

The resulting collection of beautiful beech furniture is our most functional yet.

We looked to the endlessly utilitarian and adaptable design of industrial workshop furniture for inspiration; a series with generous proportions, solid trestle-style base and undeniable multi-functionality is the outcome.

The simple structure of trestle base and solid wood top is repeated throughout the collection. At the point where the base and top meet is a decorative craft joint we’ve chosen to celebrate. Softly rounded corners, a pleasing scale and splashes of colour (if you want them) are the points of difference to note.

Beech is an underused but effective timber; hard, handsome, uniform and plentiful. We are championing its revival as a contemporary wood in our Series Three collection.