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Introducing Another Bed, plus some sleep tips

When the Sleep Council ran an online poll in 2017 about the one sleep tip that people can’t live without, the thing that topped it was having a comfortable bed. Since we spend around a third of our lives in bed, this makes sense – why wouldn’t you prioritise being extremely comfortable whilst in it? It also seems wise to make the piece of furniture beautiful too since it’s the focal point of the bedroom…a sentiment that allows us to smoothly introduce Another Bed, our first ever upholstered bed.

Designed by our creative director Catherine, we worked with Devon-based company Naturalmat to craft the piece. We’ve been collaborating with the company for almost a decade and share the same set of values when it comes to working with materials that are healthy to live with and kind to the environment.

And so a little about the design. The main objective was to marry soft with hard – upholstered elements with solid wood, which is our material signature – and also to create something different. The bed is gently rounded and sits low to the ground on pleasing, chunky oak legs that are also rounded. One of the stand-out features is that the headboard is reversible so that you can have either the oak or fabric finish facing outwards – it’s a simple, but neat idea for offering you flexibility. Another notable aspect is the piping detail which marks the line between the two finishes. You can order the bed in our standard fabric choice or you can specify your own.

In looking at bed design, we’ve also been noting other tools suggested for creating the best night’s sleep. Some are very much common sense – including setting the right room temperature (apparently the optimal level is between 16ºc and 18ºc), making sure your space is dark, having as little noise as possible and removing technology from the bedroom. But there are also some interesting new sleep trends emerging.

Adults need around seven-eight hours of sleep every day and the majority of us aren’t getting this. The statistic is regularly linked to long working hours and an increasing obsession with digital media. Paradoxically it’s technology, for instance apps like Sleep Cycle and Insight Timer, which is helping people to address their sleep habits.

For the over-thinkers (and less technologically inclined) amongst us – writing down any concerns on a piece of paper before bed can put a stop to lying awake worrying and allow for the subconscious to problem solve during sleep (we gently suggest a nice bedside notebook for this).

But how about the sleep we’re losing? Some sleep experts advise that having sleep binges at the weekend or during holidays can help your body repair itself. Others promote having power naps in the daytime instead, if you can. Just 20 minutes can be hugely restorative.

There are also friendlier wake up ideas, such as alarm clocks that simulate sunrise to tease you out of your slumber instead of an unsettling repetitive noise that jolts you into the day.

But the tip that sounds most appealing to us, especially as Autumn encroaches, is this: Do your bed-preparation ahead of sitting down for the evening. The idea is to avoid that classic last-moment rush at bedtime, which can result in an adrenaline spike that stimulates the body and makes it harder to drop off. Post dinner, get your PJ’s on and teeth brushed, dim the lights and let yourself relax so that when you do get nicely sleepy you can take yourself straight to that lovely bed of yours.