New Designs for LDF21 - ANOTHER COUNTRY


New Designs for LDF21

We’re pleased to present new designs by long time collaborators David Irwin and Daniel Schofield, and welcome Aaron Probyn to our design family on the occasion of the 2021 edition of London Design Festival.

We asked David to design a work-frome-home desk that would enable separation between work and home life by offering a dedicated work space which can be easily tidied away once the work day is over.

To achieve this, the fold down element of traditional bureaus has been adopted but without the angled front, so it’s not immediately obvious it’s a desk. When closed it appears as a cabinet, helping to remove the visual reminder of work when wanting to switch off. The straight sides also create more of an enclosure with the aim of aiding focus while working

The result is the Davenport Bureau, a highly considered piece of furniture (main image).

Everyone is charmed by Daniel Schofield’s characterful Gallon Side Tables (shown next to the Slow Sofa, bottom left). Turned from a solid block of laminated Ash, the form was inspired by traditional milk cans – but also subtly references modernist architecture – and in doing so bridges the gap between our countryside roots and the city home.

The Slow Sofa and Syd chair are Aaron’s inaugural designs for Another Country.

The name Slow is a metaphor for what many of us are looking for in a sofa. In recent years we have seen a movement towards slower living and being mindful about our wellbeing and the planet. With our lives being overtaken by technology and in general becoming more mentally demanding, the sofa is one of the few placed where you can carve out some time for yourself.

The starting point for the Syd chair was Aaron’s longstanding fascination with the furniture Luis Barragàn selected for his own home in Mexico City – it brought a sense of calmness and pragmatism to the space. The interior of Casa Luis Barragàn drove both the choices in shape and material palette: a pale wood and vegetable-tanned leather that would patina and become richer with time.


Planted | King’s Cross Sept 23-26

Our Marylebone Showroom Sept 18-26