Warm-up Winter with new lighting - Another Country


Warm-up Winter with new lighting

We cannot ignore it for any longer, the nights have most certainly drawn in. Bringing light in to our London store, and all our homes, is the lighting collection from Workstead. These functional lights are inspired by industrial workbench lighting and work so perfectly with Another Country furniture.

And whilst we wait for stock of our First Light collection (due to arrive in January), we felt the need to bring in a few more lighting companions for our popular Desk One and Desk Three in particular and what better than some beautiful Grossman and Bestlite Collection pieces from the Danish brand Gubi. These are available now from our London store and online.

It’s the time of year that we all focus in on our dining rooms, preparing them for the impending social events of December. Let us help you solve one part to the puzzle with our pendant lights and chandeliers to create a statement for Christmas.

The warm tones of soft lighting in the living room are just what the doctor ordered at this time of year. We can’t recommend more highly, the sculptural and graphic shape of the Workstead lights against a white wall casting a pool of light in to the room.

Finishing with the bedroom, Workstead lights come in a variety of shapes and scale depending on the location you need to illuminate. The shaded floor and table lamps are a traditional design with the functional industrial design they are known for. Gubi table and floor lights are more classical and softer in their design for those bedrooms which suit their simplicity.