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Our partnership with Heal Rewilding

We’ve partnered with Heal to support their acquisition of land for rewilding. Heal is a UK charity taking action in response to the climate and biodiversity emergency by buying land in the English lowlands and giving it back to nature. The natural world urgently needs our help to undo the damage that has been wreaked on it over the course of the last century in particular, and rewilding plays a key role in these efforts.

We first discovered Heal through this Guardian article and subsequently sponsored three 3m x 3m plots. Their mission is an important and simple one: to raise money, buy land and rewild it.

When you make a purchase with us, you can support Heal by sponsoring a 3m x 3m plot for £10 which we will match as a business. You’ll find this option on the Basket page.

How does rewilding work?

Rewilding counteracts climate change in four key ways:


Rewilding produces a healthy, climate-resilient ecosystem.


Plants like grasses, scrub (such as hawthorn, bramble and wild rose) and trees (regenerating from seed) begin to grow and as they do, they capture more carbon from the atmosphere. This also makes the soil healthier which means it can store more carbon.


Rewilding protects land which holds lots of soil carbon from wholesale disturbance (being ploughed up), which ensures that organic carbon is retained safely in the soil instead of being released into the atmosphere.


As a land management approach that doesn’t use fertilisers and pesticides, rewilding prevents activities that would result in chemical emissions of greenhouse gases (like nitrous oxide).

You can learn more about Heal and their 3×3 scheme here.