Marking our 10th Anniversary with the Modern Farmhouse collection - Another Country


Marking our 10th Anniversary with the Modern Farmhouse collection

We’re delighted to mark our 10th anniversary with the launch of the Modern Farmhouse collection and the addition of Fred Rigby to our designer roster. Dorset born and raised, Fred shares a passion for the West Country and drew inspiration from his childhood surroundings when designing this collection which includes a settle, hallway bench and occasional chair.

Fred explains: “The collection was born from a mutual love between our brands of the countryside, namely Dorset, and the idea to create furniture for the ‘Modern Farmhouse’ which draws inspiration from furniture found in old farmhouses and brings them up to date to be used in modern homes.”

Another Country Design Director Catherine Aitken continues: “These pieces are designed to suit both city and countryside homes, bridging these two environments bringing qualities of one to the other. Championing natural materials and quality craftsmanship, these pieces are designed with longevity in mind and will become part of our ever-growing collection.”

Fred elaborates: “The Modern Farmhouse pieces are designed to be practical in the home, for example, the Settle, could be used in the kitchen against a wall or to break the space living room, with concealed storage underneath to hide and clear a space. The same goes for the Hallway Bench, a multi functioning piece, allowing you to hang coats, store shoes and somewhere to sit when you’re on your way out the front door, or in a back porch area. The occasional chair is designed to be small and low, somewhere to sit in your bedroom or to be used to hang clothes off. Cute and useful, and not taking up much space in a room.”

About Fred Rigby

Fred Rigby is a furniture and interior designer based in London. He grew up in the Dorset countryside and spent his childhood creating things in the fields around his home, before going on to study Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University, London. He has since designed interiors for former menswear shop Anthem, in London’s Calvert Avenue; Villa Lena, a hotel in the Tuscan countryside; and Michelin-starred restaurants Ellory and Leroy, to name a few.

Rigby works in a tactile manner when creating furniture, sketching designs by hand, and creating physical models in order to study the designs from various perspectives.

The Modern Farmhouse collection will be on display at our Crawford Street showroom during London Design Festival, alongside a selection of mid-century & contemporary artwork provided by Rowe & Williams addressing our evolving relationship with the rural idyll, nature & landscape.