Matt & Yolanda's Christmas 2019 Edit - Another Country


Matt & Yolanda’s Christmas 2019 Edit

Who better to curate a selection of desirable Christmas gifts than our good friends Matt Hranek, founder of WM Brown magazine, and Yolanda Edwards, founder of Yolo Journal.

Usually found sipping negronis & grilling a freshly caught trout, it’s no surprise that Matt has included our new Norlan Tumblers and the beautiful Blenheim Forge x Another Country Santoku Knife in his selection.

Taking in sights and spending a considerable amount of time in a plane comes with the territory of running a travel magazine, and so Yolanda loved our Mark & Fold x AC sketch book and the look of some of our new Georganics products to battle that unavoidable post-Transatlantic flight ‘death breath’.

Matt’s picks